The Circle Y brand is fueled by many remarkable riders. We recognize that without YOU, we wouldn’t be America’s Leading Saddle Brand. So, we started an official membership group that’s called I Ride Circle Y. These members are people who are proud to represent the brand and ride a Circle Y saddle. Here is where we showcase these riders.


Tarra Reynolds

Tarra is a 1D competitor, trainer, and she’s on her local barrel association board in New Mexico. She rides a Martha Josey Ultimate Cash saddle.
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Leesa Wright

Leesa is a trail rider and photographer. She rides a Walnut Grove Flex2® trail saddle.
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Lori Berger

Lori is a western dressage rider. She rides a Julie Goodnight Wind River PEAK Performance™ saddle.
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Aimee McNeil

Aimee is a barrel racer. She rides a Tammy Fischer treeless barrel saddle.
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Kristi George

Kristi rides Gymkhana, barrels, and trails. She has five Circle Y saddles including the Omaha Flex2® for trails, a KK Blaze for barrels, and a Julie Goodnight saddle for her new horse.
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