Julie Goodnight Explains Circle Y’s Flex2® Tree

The Circle Y Flex2® tree has a dual-bar system which provides both stability and flexibility where they are needed. The rigid ground seat combined with the high-density bars will never overflex in the middle when you sit in the saddle. The high-density bars provide stability under the rider for weight distribution which makes the Flex2® saddle an option for riders of all sizes. The low-density bars are what’s flexible which conform and flex at the tips with the horse to provide freedom of movement. It will never flex in half or get wider over time. The only caution to a Flex2® tree is do not rope out of it. Not all “flex” saddles are the same and has become a generic term in our industry. Only Circle Y has this Flex2® design to ensure safety and rider weight distribution and are offered. The Circle Y Flex2® saddles are available in a 17″ and 18″ seat size. Riders of all sizes may safely ride a Flex2® tree because of the dual-bar system and rigid groundseat to prevent overflexing.

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5 thoughts on “Julie Goodnight Explains Circle Y’s Flex2® Tree

  1. Which Julie Goodnight saddle would you recommend for arabian horses. My two arabians are 15 hands high and I prefer saddles that do not weigh over 30 pounds.

    • I’m sorry for the late reply-all Julie Goodnight saddles have the Flex2 tree so they will fit the same. Typically, we recommend a regular for a horse with a defined wither, and a wide for a horse with a round or mutton wither. I hope that information helps you determine which tree fit will work depending on which type of Arabian you have and his conformation. The 1750 Wind River is Julie’s most popular saddle style, but it does weigh a little more at 32 lbs. If the weight eliminates that one, I suggest the 1562 Oasis Flex2 trail. It has a short skirt and weighs in at 27 lbs with a 16″ seat. Thank you!

  2. My draft cross has withers but his shoulders and barrel are too wide for FQHB in the regular Circle Y. Do you think the Flex2 would have a better chance of fitting his 16.2 JJ self??

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