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  • How do I read my saddle’s serial number?

    Circle Y began making saddles in 1960 and there have been many configurations of serial numbers. To help you decipher your number, we have attempted to provide some guidance here. Please remember the saddle could be a discontinued style, and no information for tree sizing, pricing, and category of the saddle will be found. In the past, Circle Y had multiple building locations in small towns around Yoakum. As a result, some saddles may say Sweet Home, Shiner, Cow Country, or Rebel but are all genuine Circle Y brand.


    The Serial Number Search is for saddles 2006 and newer. If unsure of your saddle’s manufacture date please see the explanations below the search to determine age. 
    Format:  There should be two lines of numbers on your serial plate. The top line is the Model Number. The bottom line is the Serial Number and will begin with the year of production.

    Model # 1234-5678-90
    Serial #  20061234      (This is the number to type in the search below.)

    If the search box does not work please scroll down, your saddle was most likely made before 2006.

    If the search box above does not work, please scroll down to read the number manually by model year.

    If you would like additional information we do offer an archive search, we’ll provide you a certificate via email and a hardcopy mailed to you, which includes all of the information that we find on the saddle, including the original catalog image and price, along with sizing information and suggested values based on the condition. If our experts are not able to find your saddle in our archive you will not be charged. Here is a link if you would like the Authentication Certificate: https://circley.com/shop/serial-number/authentication-certificate/

    May 2006 to present
    Model Number Layout: 1234-5678-90 Example: 1554-1501-04
    (1234) Model Number
    (5)Seat Color/Material:  1- Black/Brown Grainout,  2- Black suede(Daisy Embossed),  4- Rust suede,  5- Toast suede,  6- Sand suede(Daisy Embossed),  7- Chocolate Suede(Daisy Embossed),  8- Apache Bay,  9- Hardseat,  0- Other/Special,  A- Amethyst,  B- Blue,  L-  Lime Green,  P-  Pink(Faux Gator),  T-  Turquoise(Faux Gator),  V-  Violet/Faux Gator,  F- Caramel, Faux Gator,  C-Chocolate Faux Gator(Elephant), M=Mint Faux Gator
    (67)Seat Size: 00=10″, 20=12″,  30=13″, 35= 13.5″, 40= 14″, 45= 14.5″, 50=15″, 55=15.5″, 60=16″, 65=16.5″, 70=17″, 75=17.5″, 80=18″
    (8)Saddle Color : 0- Dark Oil Antique,  1- Walnut,  4- Regular Oil,  5- Mahogany/Heavy Oil,  6- Antique,  7- Ultra Lite,  8- Pecan,  9- Lite Oil,  18- Black,  C-Chocolate,  V-Vintage
    (90)Tree Size: 04-Regular Tree (SQHB), 05=Wide Tree (FQHB), 06=Extra Wide (Draft/Foundation)      Saddle Fit Explanations

    *Some model numbers will begin with “SP” or “9212” in front of the model number and will have an additional digit at the end. These numbers do not always work with the serial number search due to their formatting, to read them remove the prefix and read using the instructions above. (SP-1651-1601-05-2 would be read as 1651-1601-05)

    Model Number Layout: 1234-5678-90AB-CD Example 2131-1601-0298-03 (Dashes may not be present in stamping. We recommend writing down the number with dashes to help with deciphering)
    (1234) Model Number
    (5) Tree size: 1= Regular Tree (SQHB),   5 = Wide (FQHB)
    (67) Seat size: 00=10″, 20=12″,  30=13″, 35= 13.5″, 40= 14″, 45= 14.5″, 50=15″, 55=15.5″, 60=16″, 65=16.5″, 70=17″, 75=17.5″, 80=18″
    (8) Saddle color: 0- Dark Oil Antique,  1- Walnut,  4- Regular Oil,  5- Mahogany/Heavy Oil,  6- Antique,  7- Ultra Lite,  8- Pecan,  9- Lite Oil,  18- Black
    (90) Month of Manufacturing
    (AB) Year of Manufacturing
    (CD) Unique Number/Manufacturing Number (not all saddles received this number)

    1970s & 1980s 
    These numbers vary greatly, for more information, an archive search will need to be performed. You can request that with our Authentication Certificate.
    Model Number Layout: 1234-4567
    (123) Model Number
    (4)Seat Size: 5=15″,  6=16″,  7=17″
    (567)Manufacturing Number (Sometimes the year of manufacturing is here)

    1960 Models
    Will have a one or two-digit model number. For more information, an archive search will need to be performed. You can request that with our Authentication Certificate.

  • How do I request a sponsorship or donation?

    We greatly value all horse enthusiasts whether you are just getting started, work for a non-profit organization, or will host a charity event. While we would love to give to all those doing admirable work in the equine industry, we are unable to give items to most of the mass requests we receive. You may fill out the Sponsorship Request Form and we will evaluate your request on a monthly basis.

  • How should I polish the silver on my Circle Y tack?

    Circle Y silver is pure silver electroplated and has a protective finish to prevent tarnishing. Cleaning should be done with a damp cloth only. Abrasive or chemical cleaners should not be used because they could result in removal of the protective finish. With normal use, saddle silver will be subject to scratches which may allow tarnishing. Use a soft cloth to buff away any tarnish.

  • How should I take care of my Circle Y saddle and leather products?

    The most important aspect of saddle care is that the life of the leather depends upon the care you give it.  Most saddles experience the tough rigors of the environment, and proper care is essential to prolong their life. Leather should be oiled with the best oils and leather conditioners available to you.  After you ride, or if your saddle should get wet, clean all leather parts that have been exposed to sweat and moisture, let dry naturally, and oil.  Do not use artificial heat or direct sunlight to dry leather or it may become brittle and lose its strength. Leather which has been burned through this process should no longer be used. Visit our Leather Care page for more details. 

  • What kind of warranty do Circle Y saddles have?

    Circle Y saddles have a 10-year tree warranty, a one-year parts warranty, and a one-year silver warranty. Saddles have a warranty registration card attached which contain a complete explanation of the warranties. All warranties apply to the original purchaser. Saddles made before January 1, 2004 have a five-year tree warranty.

  • What is Circle Y Softee™ leather?

     Circle Y Softee™ leather is used on the seat jockeys and fenders. It provides a ready-to-ride, all broke-in feel right from the start. It reduces the rider’s knee and ankle strain.

  • What is a Flex2® Tree?

    The patented Flex2® tree by Circle Y features technology derived from years of saddle fit and craftsmanship. This tree design gives you a fit flexible for the horse and lightweight for the rider. The Flex2® tree conforms to the horse’s back and the saddle skirts have a shock absorbing neoprene filler for the horse and rider’s comfort. > Learn more here

  • Does Circle Y Saddles offer saddle repair?

    Yes, we do saddle and tack repair exclusively on Circle Y Saddles products.  For any repairs please contact a dealer of Circle Y or Circle Y customer service at 800-531-3600.

    Please have your saddle’s model and serial number available.

    Find a dealer near you

  • Does Circle Y have any recalls?

    There are not any current Circle Y recalls, there have not been any Circle Y recalls on our saddles, trees, or other products.

    We’re committed to making quality products that are safe for horses and riders, and put a lot of time and energy into our product designs and testing. Any recalls will be addressed as quickly as possible, and buyers will be informed so that they can return any recalled products for replacement items of equal value.

  • How do I become a Authorized Circle Y Saddles dealer?

    Information on becoming an Authorized Circle Y Saddles dealer is available upon request through our sales representative in your area.   To be considered, a candidate must be a tack retailer who has a permanent retail store front open to the general public during “typical” retail hours, and interested in carrying a full line of saddles and tack. Call or email us about information on becoming an Authorized Dealer.

  • How do I buy Circle Y Saddles products?

    Circle Y Saddles’ products can be purchased from a variety of Authorized Circle Y Saddles dealers in your area.  Find a dealer near you

  • In regards to the ErgoBalance™ Stirrups, does the large end of the cone go toward the horse’s body or away from it?

    The large end of the cone goes towards the horse’s body.